Humanity One
, is a none profit charitable organization based on a network of professionals and individuals of like minds and hearts working together to make a difference in the world.

We are a global humanitarian organization working to improving the quality of life through humanitarian and None Profit Economic Development objectives focused on building a better future for all humanity. We are a unique diverse organization that has pledged itself to find and develop solutions to the growing problems of the world today and beyond.

Humanity One
, is based on the stewardship of global resources and the responsible use of advanced technologies for the betterment of humanity and the planet we reside. We pride ourselves in enlisting the brightest minds, inspired individuals and like hearts to solve global problems.

We have made the commitment in addressing some of the most important needs in the world such as education, housing, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture and environmental conservation. We take a holistic approach to developing and completing projects. It is important to train and empower local people to complete the projects we development. We work in partnership with companies and other none profits to ensure successful completion of projects small and large. We focus on balanced objectives and projects that truly make a difference in communities around the world.

Nonprofit Economic Development Endeavors (N.E.D.E.)
Humanity One believes firmly in the abundance of possibilities to solve real world problems and that a major part of making a difference in the world is through Nonprofit Economic Development Endeavors (N.E.D.E.), a focus on global economic development to create badly needed jobs and growth that are governed by humanitarian values, doctrines and objectives. Through community empowerment objectives we can empower people, corporations and governments to build towards a better future to work in cooperation and to share in the abundance of our world for the betterment of humanity.

We understand that if you wish to prevent poverty you must create jobs through economic development and community based resources such as manufacturing, affordable housing, education, healthcare, agro-business, agro-forestry, alternative technologies and opportunities to build sustainable thriving green communities.

Our N.E.D.E. programs are geared to reinvest in communities through for-profit programs and business incubation that support our concept of sustainable economic development. Where nearly all our profits from revenue centers that Humanity One invests in, will go into special trust funds that help ensure the sustainability of the projects we launch as well as fund new projects for other communities. Our N.E.D.E. programs are specifically designed to benefit a community as a whole. We owe it to our children’s children to strive for a better way of building a life through community participation.