Humanity One
, is a none profit organization based on a network of professionals and individuals of like minds and hearts working together to make a difference in the world.

We are a global humanitarian organization working to improving the quality of life through humanitarian and None Profit Economic Development objectives focused on building a better future for all humanity. We are a unique diverse organization that has pledged itself to find and develop solutions to the growing problems of the world today and beyond.

Humanity One
, is based on the stewardship of global resources and the responsible use of advanced technologies for the betterment of humanity and the planet we reside. We pride ourselves in enlisting the brightest minds, inspired individuals and like hearts to solve global problems.

We have made the commitment in addressing some of the most important needs in the world such as education, housing, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture and environmental conservation. We take a holistic approach to developing and completing projects. It is important to train and empower local people to complete the projects we development. We work in partnership with companies and other none profits to ensure successful completion of projects small and large. We focus on balanced objectives and projects that truly make a difference in communities around the world.

What's New
World One
We have formally partnered with World One, which will provide a greater ability to successfully complete more diverse projects. World One will also provide project oversight and ensure that our projects have accountability and transparency according to project funding guidelines.
Gorilla Engineering
Humanity One, has partnered with Gorilla Engineering & Design in order to provide a greater range of poverty and affordable green housing to our global projects. We are proud to include Gorilla Engineering & Design as part of our collective partners in raising the quality of life.
The White Light Group (TWLG) has closed its office in the United States until further notice. Humanity One, has been licensed to complete all of TWLG's humanitarian projects. Currently TWLG's projects, technologies, copyrights, licenses
and professionals temporarily resides with Humanity One. We look forward to working with the new international TWLG and their independent charter groups.